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“I had been seeing another Chiropractor for over 6 years- receiving conventional Chiropractic adjustments. I sought out Dr Stam because I was not getting the relief I wanted and did not want to resign myself to a lifetime of monthly adjustments. I found greater and longer lasting relief In just 3 treatments treatments of Manual Adhesion release by DrStam than I did in all six years of the conventional adjustments. I have ceased seeing my previous chiropractor.”

B.F. | Ashkum, IL

“I had severe left hip pain that started out slow and was so bad in three days that my husband had to help me to his Chiropractor. Dr Stam is an amazing chiropractor and man. This was the first time I have received Manual Adhesion Release. In my first visit my pain level was lessened to the degree that I could get around by myself. After three weeks I was pain free! If I am ever hurting again I will return to Dr. Stam.”

C.O. | St. Anne, IL

“Months of physical therapy and cortisone shots after a car accident did nothing for my knee injury. After only 3 visits with Dr. Stam, the pain was almost completely gone! I never believed in Chiropractic care until receiving it from Dr. Stam.”

C.A. | Aroma Park, IL

“Dr. Stam, thank you relieving pain that I had learned to put up with for 15 years. It is refreshing to find someone who really masters their skill. Thank you!”

D.G. | Bourbannis, IL

“After 2 days, there was no more elbow pain! Thanks Dr. Stam!”

P.R. | Kankakee, IL

“Service was great! Here for 4 visits, and the pain was gone! I’ll definitely refer Dr. Stam to my friends.”

P.T. | Homewood, IL

“I will continue seeking treatment here because it works! And the office staff is wonderful! Thanks for the care for the last 11 years.”

B.F. | Merriville, IN

“I had several months of severe pain in my hip, with a lot of inflammation and bursitis. After doctoring with bone and spine specialists and doing physical therapy, I came to Dr. Stam. In 4 visits, he was able to totally release the pain and pressure. I am extremely pleased.”

C.P. | Crown Pointe, IN

“Twice in my life, I have had problems where medical doctors gave me news that involved long term conditions. And now, twice, Dr. Stam has proved them wrong and brought my body back to working condition. I would trust no one else with major issues.”

J.G. | Bradley, IL

“I was very leary when my doctor recommended that I visit a chiropractor. Little did I know that Dr. Stam is not your usual chiropractor. I went to see him for problems I was having with my back and was expecting to hear “I need to see you twice a week for three months”. I think he had it fixed in three visits.

I also had been suffering for years with neck pain from an auto accident and, since I had such great results with my back, I mentioned my neck pain to him. He was able to fix it in just a few minutes. I could not believe that something I had been suffering from for years was gone just that quickly.

Dr. Stam is the most personable doctor I have ever been to. He makes you feel at ease right off the bat; he takes the time to explain to you everything he is doing and will sit and answer any questions you might have. I have recommended him to everyone that I know who has needed chiropractic treatment.”

J.J. | Tinley Park, IL

“I was suffering from terrible migraines. Dr. Stam performed a few treatments and the migraines begin to go away. I trust him over my medical doctor for any health issues or questions.”

M.T. | Aroma Park, IL