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We offer a variety of expert services at Stam Chiropractic, all centered around providing accurate relief to your conditions.  Feel free to see if we offer what we’re looking for, and expand the services with a + next to them to read more.

Active Release Technology

Ambulatory Traction (decompression in motion)

Biomechanical Screening

Chiropractic Manipulation

Flexion Distraction (decompression)

Instrument adhesion release is an innovative technique that allows us to provide a complete and accurate diagnosis, along with faster and more effective treatment. Learn more about this amazing treatment here.
The Integrative Diagnosis method is truly innovative — emphasizing the use of the mind to diagnosis, rather than just the hands. By personalizing the diagnosis and technique for each individual problem (because you ARE unique!), this method leads to faster and more accurate diagnosis, and longterm healing. Find out more about Integrative Diagnosis here.
Manual Adhesion Release is THE most accurate and effective solution for pain and stress caused by adhesions. Adhesions are growths on your muscles and ligaments that act like glue, making it difficult for your body to function properly and leading to pain, numbness and tingling. We use our advanced training in manual adhesion release to provide longterm healing for any issue that you might have. Click here to read more information.

Structural problems of the foot can lead to many problems, including ankle calf, shin, hip and low back pain. If structural problems need assistance, then a custom orthotic maybe considered.

Sole Supports will make a custom orthotic based on the shape and flexibility of your foot and load (your body weight and how active you are). This helps support the foot and takes pressure off of the plantar fascia and foot and calf muscles. For more information contact