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Integrative Diagnosis

The manual adhesion release process all begins with Integrative Diagnosis.  The Integrative Diagnosis method centers around ensuring that you receive a correct, precise diagnosis.  This ultimately means faster and more effective treatment.  Learn more about Integrative Diagnosis here.

Manual Adhesion Release

Manual adhesion release focuses on the most common cause of muscle and joint pain — adhesions.  Adhesions act like “glue”, limiting motion and leading to pain, tingling and numbness.  The Manual adhesion release technique allows skillfully trained doctors to treat the specific cause of the pain, increasing the speed of healing.

Nerve Entrapment

Has your doctor ever used the phrase “pinched nerve” with you?  This term is used all the time, but is very often a misdiagnosis.  The more common cause of your tingling, burning or numbness is nerve entrapment.  Nerve entrapment occurs when nerves get stuck to surrounding surfaces.  Unlike healthy nerves, these nerves act as though they are “glued” down.  This makes it very difficult for your body to function properly and smoothly.

Many times, nerve entrapment is labeled as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, or tarsal tunnel syndrome when, in truth, these are just symptoms.  We use the Integrative Diagnosis method to properly diagnosis the cause of your pain and get you on the right track to longterm  healing.